Cakes + Treats

How to Order Custom Cakes: 

(1) Choose amount/size
(2) Choose flavor below or ask about custom flavors
3) Choose design/theme (screenshots from our social media/pinterest or 1-3 details ex: colors, interests, etc.)
(4) Choose pick-up or delivery option (note: delivery fee based on distance) Please provide delivery address for deliveries. We coordinate times once order is confirmed.
(5) Email orders to with desired date (check calendar below to make sure your date is available) and (1-4) above.

- Please give minimum 5 days advance notice before desired order date.
- BMB Office Hours: Mon-Thur 10am-5pm, excluding holidays and events.
- Please allow up to 48hrs for a response (within office hours). 
- Orders are not confirmed until payment is made!
Thank you!

TREATS (by the dozen - ONLY):

- Poptarts - flavors: apple cinnamon, strawberry, pumpkin pie - $50 | custom theme starting at $10 |

- Shortbread Cookies - basic shape and design - $25 |
Monthly Sampler Box: - COMING SOON

Specials: - COMING SOON

Cake Sizes/Prices: (starting prices cover cake, filling and buttercream - basic design)

| Cupcakes - $30/dozen | 1-2 flavors only |

| 4" Cakes - starting at $45 | 3 layers | feeds 2-4 |

| 6" Cakes - starting at $85 | 4 layers | feeds 8-10 |

| 1/4 Sheet Cake - starting at $90 | 3 layers | 
feeds 15-18 |
Custom design/ fondant/ toppers + $20
Fresh florals/ live succulents + $25

Cake Flavors:

- BMB Classic - vanilla funfetti cake with BMB chocolate chip cookie dough filling, finished with vanilla bean buttercream, rainbow sprinkles, and mini BMB salted chocolate chip cookies on top

- Death by Chocolate - devil's food cake, filled with raspberry jam filling, fresh raspberries, dark chocolate drizzle, finished with chocolate frosting

- Banana Split - banana cake with fresh strawberry jam filling, finished with vanilla buttercream, dark chocolate drizzle, rainbow sprinkles & a cherry on top

- Black Forr-eo - chocolate cake with dark cherry filling, finished with oreo cookies & cream frosting, dark chocolate drip and glitter cherries on top

- Strawberry Shortcake - vanilla bean cake with fresh strawberries and cream filling, finished with vanilla bean buttercream and fresh strawberries on top

- Dirty Chai - chai-infused cake with espresso soak, dark chocolate espresso ganache filling, finished with vanilla bean buttercream


- Basic Witch - pumpkin spice cake with vanilla cream or dark chocolate ganache filling, finished with vanilla bean buttercream

- Poison Apple - apple spice cake with homemade apple compote filling, finished with cinnamon buttercream



Everything made under Bleu Moon Bakery is 100% plant-based/vegan, ALWAYS! So dairy/egg allergies never have to worry! Give us your allergy list! We can make treats in soy-free, peanut and tree nut-free, gluten-free (see options below) & more, just make sure to give us time in advance. If you have severe allergies/ anaphylactic cases, note that we are not a 100% allergen-free facility.

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Book in advance!

Check calendar for date availability!


Please allow a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 30 days in advance before desired order date!