Meet the Chef!

Shayanne Nelson

It's about time, you get to know, the lady behind the sweets. For those of you who don't know me, I am Shayanne Nelson. I am the maker, baker, owner, creator, dishwasher, HR, heart and soul of Bleu Moon Bakery. I run my business (est. 12/2017) from my tiny apartment kitchen, here in Las Vegas, NV with my two cats, Bleu & Petunia, and my fiancé, Joe.  I am from Los Angeles, CA where I was born and raised. I have three degrees, one of which is in Baking and Pastry, and am currently back in school at UNLV, pursuing a Bachelors in Elementary Education. I am a classically-trained chef, that has made it my personal mission in life, to learn as many flavors, techniques, and ingredients as I possibly can. I am truly passionate about food and all things pastry! I have been in the restaurant industry since 2011, starting as a baker for a local bagel shop and then gaining as much experience in the kitchen as I possibly could from there. Along with being a student, small-business owner, and planning my upcoming wedding, my main job is that of a culinary instructor, at a local cooking school, where I teach people of all experiences and ages. I have an allergy list as long as this story, which is why I bake the way I do. Pastries that anyone and everyone can enjoy (no restrictions). Conscious, creative, collaborative, seasonal, local, unique, and custom to how you like and need it. This business is my passion, dream, and baby. Stay tuned for my never-ending adventures and creations. xoxo, BMB

Bleu Moon Bakery:

Our Mission

Bleu Moon Bakery is a conscious and creative business that is focused on allergy-friendly and plant-based goods. Food is such an important part of life, so our mission is to produce food that is nourishing for you and doesn’t damage our planet...along with being super delicious. Local, seasonal, 100% vegan and truly satisfying. We specialize in custom sweets and treats, let us know if you have an allergy or dietary restriction. I personally understand (having many allergies/restrictions of my own) and can definitely create some magic for you and your loved ones. Look out for pop-ups and events, I try to do as many as I can, schedule allowing. I also do private events and classes; great as a gift, for special dinners, bridal showers, birthday parties and/or anytime! The best way to always be in the know and see the newest creations, is by following our social media page. We are on Instagram @bleumoonbakery If you are interested in a collaboration or have any questions, comments/concerns, shoot us an email at bleumoonbakery@gmail.com we are always open to new and exciting adventures. Keep in mind, I have a very busy schedule, expect replies Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm. Stay tuned! As always, “Why only treat yourself, once in a Bleu Moon?"