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Chef Shayanne

Hi, I am Shayanne Brents! The owner and operator of Bleu Moon Bakery. My adventure started back in 2014, (I was in culinary school at the time) I decided to venture out under the name “Once in a Bleu Moon” (named after my beloved cat of 17 years, R.I.P.) doing charity bake sale events! Fast forward to Fall 2016, I moved from Los Angeles, CA (where I was born and raised) to Las Vegas, NV, and decided to turn my hobby into a business! I launched BMB as a fully vegan, allergy-friendly home bakery that December and have been operating successfully ever since! I have a background in art and two culinary degrees; my unique style of edible art has been professionally tailored over the last 10 years in the restaurant industry. My business is my baby and my work is my passion, I pour my heart and soul into everything I create and hopefully, you all can see and taste that! I love to push flavor boundaries and keep everything seasonal, local, festive, and constantly exciting! We have recently re-located to beautiful Nashville, TN (Brentwood area) & I am so excited to serve the amazing people of this area! I am always growing and learning + am so proud of all we have achieved thus far! I have big plans for BMB, so stay tuned! Make sure to follow along on our social media pages and check out our monthly specials! Thanks for listening. xo


Bleu Moon Bakery:

Our Mission

At Bleu Moon Bakery, our mission is to provide sweets + treats that not only taste amazing but are equally as, beautiful in aesthetic. We are an online, home-based (Cottage) bakery (no shipping currently). All our treats from our custom cake to cookies are 100% vegan/plant-based always! We strive to provide only the highest quality and best ingredients available, along with taking extra care down to our sprinkles to make sure everything used is 100% vegan/plant-based all the time. You can feel safe with our allergy-friendly treats (upon request), being a chef that understands the importance of allergies, having so many myself, we can work with nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free, etc. to bring joy to most children/adults who have never had an exciting cake due to food limitations. Our menu changes monthly + we love to use local and seasonal ingredients! Our custom cakes and seasonal sampler boxes are our most popular items! Due to our growing popularity, we sell out pretty quick, please remember to be kind, we are a hardworking small business, that is usually operated by just lil' ol' me! We value our customers and appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to leave a review or comment on our Facebook or Instagram page! & let your friends know about us too! Personal comments/questions/concerns can always be sent to


Office Hours: 10 am - 5 pm Monday-Thursday, excluding holidays & event days Order Time-Frame: 3 days min. - 30 days max

Response time-frame: Due to the high volume of messages we receive daily, please expect a response within 3 days of your order being placed (excluding weekends, events, and holidays)